by Invesment Program Overview

The Turkish citizenship by investment program is categorized as “grant of citizenship under exceptional circumstances; namely contribution to Turkish economy, culture and social life”. Turkish Citizenship by Investment program was introduced in January 2017 with the amendments in the Turkish Citizenship Act (Citizenship Act:5901 Section:46) and Regulations (Regulation # 2016/9601) allowing foreign nationals to acquire Turkish Citizenship by means of various active and/or passive investments:

At least 250,000 USD
(or equivalent Turkish Lira or convertible currency)
real estate investment

At least 500,000 million USD
(or equivalent Turkish Lira or convertible currency) 
investment into Real Estate Investment Funds

At least 500,000 USD
(or equivalent Turkish Lira or convertible currency)
fixed capital investment

Business investment and creating new employment opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens

At least 500,000 USD
(or equivalent Turkish Lira or convertible currency)
capital deposits to Turkish Banks

At least 500,000 USD
(or equivalent Turkish Lira or convertible currency)
investment into the government debt instruments


Investment Program.

According to the regulations; the real property must be registered at the Turkish Cadastral Office (Tapu ve Kadastro Müdürlüğü) and remain for 3 years under the main applicant’s name and shall not be transferred or resold to third parties. The cadastral records are to be controlled and concurred by the related Ministry, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (Şehir ve Çevrecilik Bakanlığı)” before making the citizenship application.

Due Diligence

There will be an official government due diligence process for all applicants. Citizenship application may only be approved after the successful completion of Government Due Diligence. We encourage all applicants to prepare a police certificate / clean criminal record certificate from the country of nationalities and their country of legal residency.

Valuation of Real Estates

All real estates acquired for the purpose of citizenship must have a valuation report from an accredited real estate valuator. The valuation report must not be older than 30 days at the time of citizenship application.

Choosing the Real Estate

Choosing the real estate is an important part of the application process. Also investment in a foreign country may have some challenges; the right place and value of the investment, the legality of investment, registering the real property, fees and charges, responsibilities etc. We only work with trusted real estate service providers and developers to ensure the investment value is correct and the invested property is suitable for he Citizenship by Investment program.

Please discuss with us  before making any decision on your real estate investment in Turkey.