Looking for a second passport?

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IRC – International Residency & Citizenship is a boutique-consulting firm on residency and citizenship by investment industry

IRC is an affiliate of Eurasia Holding Inc. Canada, which was started originally in 2006 as a Canadian International Education Advisory firm and evolved to a Canadian Immigration Practice. Since 2012, the company actively operates in the residency and citizenship by investment field.

IRC Managing Director, Mr. Tolga Habali, has over 10 years active professional experience in the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry and international real estate investments. He has successfully helped over 100's of investor clients from China, Russia, USA, Europe, India, Middle East and Turkiye to acquire residency or citizenship in various countries; primarily but not limited to Malta, Caribbean (Antigua & Barbude, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia), USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Hungary as well as Slovenia and Estonia.