Turkish Citizenship by Investment Procedural Steps

How to obtain Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment ?

Procedural Steps to Acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment

  1. Expression of Interest (Internal Requirement)
    Pre-application form
  2. Issuing the Power of Attorney (PoA) for our Lawyers
    • To obtain tax number 
    • To open a bank account and manage bank transactions for the real estate purchase, payment taxes and settling related charges
    • To facilitate residence and citizenship application
  3. Obtaining the tax number for the applicant and family members in the application
  4. Opening a bank account (subject to bank discretion)
    • Turkish Tax ID
    • Passport copy
    • Utility Bill from country of origin
  5. Acquisition of Property
    • Identifying the Property
    • Due diligence on the property
    • Obtaining Property Appraisal Report (valid for 3 months)
    • Documentary evidence (receipt) of money transfer
    • Executing Sell and Purchase Agreement
    • Registering the Property at the Cadastral Office (a notation must be made that the property has been bought for the citizenship purposes and shall not be sold within 3 years)
  6. Purchasing Health insurance for the Applicant and Family Members
  7. Obtaining suitability / conformity report from the relevant Ministries for the subject property and transaction
  8. Applying for short term residence permit for the main Applicant
  9. Applying for Citizenship for the Applicants and Family Members
  10. Receiving approval from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Issuance of Passports

What are the documents required to apply Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment?

Documents Required to Apply Turkish Citizenship by Investment

  1. Power of Attorneys
  2. Birth Certificates of main applicant and family members (3 copies – Apostilled)
  3. National ID cards of main applicant and family members (3 copies – Apostilled)
  4. Marriage / Divorce / Death Certificates (3 copies – Apostilled)
  5. Passport Copies of main applicant and family members (3 copies – Apostilled)
  6. Private Health Insurance
  7. Copy of Property Deed or Notarized Sell and Purchase Agreement. Documentary evidence of payment of real estate purchase (payment receipt) 
  8. Mandatory Earthquake Insurance 
  9. Parents Consent Form
  10. Biometric passport photos (6 for each family member)

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Procedural Steps